I was a young man, I couldn't resist

Не знаю, просто сидела, а мне так захотелось поговорить на английском. Ну я поговорила в своей голове, потом взвесила все, что сказала и вот. Сложила во все эти конструкции, о которых понятия не имею. Не знаю, я просто хочу оставить это здесь. Для себя. Бонально? Плевать. 

To sleep is boring 

To eat is stupid 

To breathe is so annoying 

So, what the hell do you want?


To brainwash is what you get

You have to do the own head

To think for you is so unusual 

You always lived in your illusion 

It's never mind how do you try

If you do nothing you will die

In your head you get the rights 

And nothing happens then


So, what the hell do you want?


Don't permit tell them who are you

You'll always think they all are true

Don't begin see 'em that way too

Don't need communication more

We all believe none is below 

We speak with it and stand in line

Who's next to be there?

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